Hear what our patients have to say about us!

The Lifestyle Clinic changed my life and how I feel about people in the Healthcare industry, in particular, doctors. Dr. Parkes and her team have demonstrated a level of individualized care at competitive prices that you can’t find anywhere else. I love the warmth and sense of family at this place. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants great care at a reasonable prices. -T.S.

The Lifestyle Clinic has radically impacted my life for over 3 years. The knowledgeable professionals do an exceptional job of listening/ responding to their patients and their bodies (through symptoms and patterns). Every visit is individualized to meet the needs of the patient. As a patient I appreciate building relationships based on accountability, trust, honesty, and well-being. I’m thankful for the Lifestyle Clinic, especially Dr. Parkes and Dr. McArdle.

I frantically came to Dr. Parkes with a list of symptoms that did not appear to alarm my PCP. She was able to reveal truths and call out negative lifestyle habits that went beyond listing the symptoms. Dr. Parkes has a philosophy in which she boldly challenges patients to invest in our own well-being by practicing and then maintaining healthy habits. Doing so caused me to become the healthiest I had been in over 15 years.

Dr. McArdle has a calm demeanor and soothing tone which allow me to relax for treatments. She follows up with exercises for home and ways to decrease or diminish symptoms. Dr. McArdle also took the time to consult with my father when he came in from out of town. I have been overwhelmed with the positive impact The Lifestyle Clinic has had on my health.

Once again, I definitely recommend The Lifestyle Clinic to anyone who is serious about becoming healthy as a lifestyle and not a fad. Thank you all very much! -M.S.

I absolutely loved my experience I had with Lifestyle Clinic. They are all so welcoming and friendly with open arms. I would recommend this clinic to everyone, especially to go see Andrew. He was so wonderful and professional. I will definitely come back. Thank you Lifestyle Clinic for a wonderful experience!!!! -K.B.

I absolutely love that this place functions like a multispecialty practice but based in alternative/holistic medicine. With a medical system that treats their patients like they’re on a factory line, it’s wonderful to find a place like this where the docs take the time to listen to your concerns and answer all of your questions. Everyone was extremely knowledgeable and I would highly recommend this practice to my friends and family. -A.G.

Great experience. Warm and welcoming office and the staff is great. Practitioners are top notch, if you’re looking for an alternative and holistic treatment this is the place to go. Highly recommend. -S.A.

Dr. McArdle was great! She took the time to sit down with me and actually listen to how I was feeling. Which is something I think a lot of doctors have forgotten how to do. She explained everything very well and I just have to say she has a certain calm and ease to her, it just feels natural. I would highly recommend her to anyone ranging from first visit ever to someone who had chiropractic care in the past. -L.C.

I met Dr. Parkes through friends who success with the program was quite noticeable. I was struggling with weight, pulmonary fibrosis, and diabetes. After I heard the presentation given by Dr. Parkes I joined. The information she provided was astonishing. I followed the program and lost weight. That was what I wanted most but the benefits of the program were much more beneficial. I no longer take medication for diabetes, high blood pressure or aching knees. The program works. Thanks Dr.Parkes! -T.B.

This place has changed my life by teaching me the proper ways to in order to loose weight. Doctor Parkes I thank you from the bottom of my heart. A patient a little over two years. Staff have always welcomed me with a smile and professionalism. -L.C.

The Doctors and staff at the Lifestyle Clinic offer the best quality care and services to their patients. Unlike traditional Doctors that typically put a band aid on your medical ailments, Dr. Parkes and her staff take the time to understand your medical concerns/symptoms to identify the root cause and actually correct the problem. They spend quality time thoroughly listening and documenting your symptoms, provide a customized treatment plan and monitor to ensure optimal results are achieved. Every patient is treated uniquely as they do not believe in a one-size-fits all solution. As my mom would say “if you can buy expensive clothes for your outer body, you should pay to take care of the inside which is far more important than the exterior.” So, you can choose to continue to pay to put a band aid on your medical problems or invest in permanently fixing the problem so that you can live a longer and healthier life! I choose the latter. Thank you Dr. Parkes for changing my life!! Excellent staff and services with great results achieved by following your treatment plan!! -J.J.

I was misdiagnosed for over 23 years and after giving up on conventional medicine, found the Lifestyle Clinic online. My spirit immediately connected with Dr. Parkes and I knew I was in the right place. I have been going to the Lifestyle Clinic since April 2013.

After discovering a series of things that were missed by my GP, we began detoxing and supporting my organs and saw some drastic improvements. But, upon further testing, I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease. When I first started seeing Dr. Parkes, I had a myriad of symptoms and was unable to get around without the help of a family member. Thanks to her recommendations and protocol, I am now functioning with a fairly normal lifestyle, with marked improvement from where I was. I was most appreciative that she did not give up once we could not immediately find the answers. She listened and she continued until we found the diagnosis for my symptoms.

I researched other naturopathic doctors before deciding on the Lifestyle Clinic and found their prices to be competitive. And I love the convenience of having the supplements for purchase in the office, which many other providers did not offer. Lastly, her office has the naturopathic doctors, a chiropractor, and a massage therapist under one umbrella, so it is a one-stop shop.

The entire team is very warm, knowledgeable and welcoming. I give them my highest recommendation! -P.J.

Such an amazing place!!! The staff is wonderful and works well to make a personalized experience for you. Love going here. -K.M.