All of our Naturopathic programs at The Lifestyle Clinic include whole food nutrition. Whole food nutrition is simply eating real whole food, the way food is found in nature. Food is the basis of health. The body uses nutrients obtained from the diet as the building blocks for all metabolic processes and physical structures. A diet that is insufficient in normal metabolic processes results in a body that ages prematurely, and is susceptible to chronic, degenerative diseases as well as psychological and emotional imbalance. Because nutrition is so important to overall health, it is not a separate program here at the Lifestyle Clinic. Instead, it is an integral part of every patient protocol. Each patient, regardless of their particular complaint, has a complete nutritional analysis included in their initial visit.

How Does it Work?

Whole food nutrition, utilizing locally grown fresh produce, forms the basis of the nutrition program. Patients are advised nutritionally based on their age, sex, body composition, stress level, occupation, health issues, blood type and spiritual practices/beliefs. The whole food nutrition program at the Lifestyle Clinic was developed by Dr. Parkes. Having personally researched and experimented with many different dietary systems, Dr. Parkes has found that the following systems of nutrition are most helpful in restoring health and preventing disease: the blood type diet, the paleolithic diet, the mediterranean diet, the raw food diet and vegetarianism. The fusion of these very different systems of eating creates a comprehensive nutrition program that does not include counting calories or reading nutrition labels because foods are usually eaten in their natural, unprocessed state.

Do herbs play a part in nutrition?

Botanical medicine is the utilization of medicinal plants to restore health and increase vitality. Through many civilizations, the medicinal properties have been used to heal the sick and ward off disease. Today, technology has allowed us to have easy access to the potent medicinal properties in the plants used by many ancient civilizations and different cultures around the world. Botanical medicine is a vital part of naturopathic practice because it uses the healing power of nature to aid the body in returning to a place of balance and good health. While some herbs are potent and should only be used for short periods of time under a Doctor’s supervision, others, like garlic, ginger and thyme should be utilized in everyday meal preparation. The Lifestyle Clinic offers the highest quality herbal and botanical medicines available.

What about Supplements?

Unfortunately, we live in a world where the natural food sources are unreliable. The soil is depleted of minerals which means the food is also lacking. Mass production of food, along with questionable regulation policies by government agencies, can leave even the most meticulous diet lacking certain key nutrients. As a result, whole food supplements (with the names of recognizable food on the label) are generally recommended as an addition to a good whole food diet. The more complete the overall diet is, the less supplements are needed over time.

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