Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork are important components in an integrative approach to health and wellness. In addition to proper nutrition, exercise and adequate sleep, massage and bodywork may enhance your mind and body’s own ability to repair and rejuvenate itself, cope with life’s stresses, and bring you towards balance.

The Massage Session

At your first visit, you will be asked to fill out a health history form and discuss any acute or chronic conditions you may have with your massage therapist. The massage you receive will be individualized to meet your needs and preferences. To maximize your enjoyment and achieve desired results, a variety of techniques will be incorporated and applied pressure will be adjusted to your comfort level. To enhance your total experience, you will be in a dimly lit room with soft background music. Ethical practices, including proper draping techniques, will be employed at all times.

Special Considerations

Massage has many wonderful benefits and for most people, it is a safe practice. However, there are certain medical conditions where massage may be contraindicated or accommodations need to be made. If you have an acute or chronic medical condition, it is advisable for you to ask your doctor if massage is appropriate for you at this time.

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