Fear of needles is very real and will often cause patients to reject the idea of traditional acupuncture needling treatment. Laser Acupuncture therapy is a great alternative if you have a fear of needles because it is completely painless. Low-level lasers have many benefits which include helping to regenerate cells, decrease pain, reduce inflammation, improve mood and stimulate hair growth. Laser acupuncture is very effective and allows treatment to a broader range of patients who may otherwise be sensitive or fearful of traditional acupuncture.  It is also very helpful for young children who are generally not good candidates for traditional acupuncture.

There is no pain associated with laser treatments.  Most patients feel nothing during laser treatment. Some may feel a slight sensation that they usually cannot describe, which could be explained as an energetic shift through the body as it comes back into balance.

The duration the practitioner keeps the laser on the acupuncture point as well as the amount of treatments can both vary greatly. You may feel relief after one treatment, but it is advised to continue treatment until at a maintenance level and pain or concerns have fully disappeared. Usually multiple months of treatment are advised in the beginning, after that point in which you can follow up as needed.

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