The Lifestyle Clinic is proud to offer the area’s only Natural Fertility and Prenatal program geared toward supporting women from preconception through breastfeeding. Whether you are a woman who is pregnant, planning on getting pregnant or recently gave birth, we have natural options to support you.

The program is individualized for each woman and provides support through one-on-one Naturopathic office visits, group nutrition and wellness sessions, chiropractic manipulations, whole food supplementation, natural hormone balancing and counseling.

Our holistic program uses all natural therapies without harmful side effects and protects the health of both mother and baby. Whole food nutrition is a cornerstone of the program and much focus is placed on providing proper nutrition in all stages from preconception through breast feeding.

Conventional fertility treatments may not be appropriate for everyone. We provide a safe, natural option at an affordable price. Our goal is to assist in happy and healthy mothers and babies. Pre- and post-natal care makes a great impact on the health of a baby. Our program ensures that maternal nutrition supports both mother and baby, leading to overall health complications, as well as fewer infant feeding and allergy issues.

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